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What signs should I recognise as an indication that my animal has back pain or discomfort ?
In horses:

• Unexplained changes in their usual performance, such as refusing at jumps, bucking, disunited in canter, rearing.
• Stiffness on one rein
• Uncharacteristic changes in behaviour or temperament
• Showing discomfort when putting on the saddle or doing the girth up
• Uneven, irregular strides
• Uneven wear of shoes or hooves.

In Dogs:
• Sudden dislike of being stroked along their backs
• Unwillingness to climb the stairs, get in or out of the car
• Stiffness or discomfort when getting up from their beds
• Reluctance to go for walks
• Unexplained poor performance in competitions.

What does a McTimoney treatment involve?

Firstly a detailed history is taken. This makes sure that no contra indications are present which will prevent a treatment and that you have veterinary permission.
Then a visual assessment is carried out while at rest, in walk and trot. This can include tight circles and or lunging.
Starting at the head, then working down the back to the pelvis, the joints are palpated to check for alignment and surrounding muscle spasm.
The misaligned joints are adjusted using rapid and precise movements of the hands.
Most animals readily accept the treatment and relax.
After treatment a specific aftercare programme will be discussed with you that may include rest, limited exercise or specific training exercises.

How long will a McTimoney treatment take?

The length of time depends directly on how many adjustments are required and how the animal reacts.

Will I see any immediate changes in my animal after a treatment?

Yes. They will drink more than usual, their behaviour may change to becoming quieter possibly subdued to more relaxed and happier. A period of quiet is beneficial to allow time for their body to adjust and continue the healing process.

When can I ride after a treatment?

Usually after a day or two, depending on how many adjustments were required. If there was a need for multiple adjustments then your horse my need more time before starting back to work. Most horses return to their normal work routine within a week. Each treatment is individual as is each horse . Time frames can vary and a structured return to work programme will be discussed in full after treatment.

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