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McTimoney treatment is highly beneficial for dogs. It is not only working and competing dogs (agility, fly ball and obedience) but also the family pet dog.

The causes of misalignments can be traumatic, (acute) or occur over a longer period of time (chronic).
Competition dogs, working at speed, tackling obstacles can produce acute traumatic misalignments as well as boisterous play while out with playmates.
Dogs show reduced athletic performance or reluctance to exercise.
Stiffness or pain after exercise or competition.
Difficulty getting in and out of the car or climbing the stairs.
Signs of discomfort when being stroked, particularly on their backs.

Misalignments caused by long term problems (chronic) can be found in greyhounds, which only race one way around the track.
Some breed types are susceptible. Long backed short-legged breeds such as Basset hound and the Dachshund. Hip dysplasia in the Labrador and German shepherd breeds.
McTimoney treatment will not cure breed predispositions but it does correct any secondary compensatory musculoskeletal issues that improve the mobility and well being of the dog.

Katrina Fowler animal practitioner Tel:01435 670499 Email:info@back2therapy.co.uk
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