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People and animals can both suffer from neck, back and musculoskeletal problems.
McTimoney manipulation therapy can help such problems.
The technique was developed by John McTimoney firstly for humans and then adapted to use on animals.  For over 60 years McTimoney practitioners have been helping horses, dogs, cats and farm animals with this gentle non-invasive technique.
The treatment is carried out entirely by hand; no sedation or anaesthetics are required.  Animals readily accept this gentle effective treatment.
A McTimoney treatment assesses the body as a whole and how it functions together rather than putting direct emphasis on the area’s already in trauma, it is a holistic treatment so the whole body is assessed for misaligned joints.
A misaligned joint is static, altering its normal range of movement. This causes a reduction in normal joint mobility leading to muscle spasm in the surrounding soft tissues and adding pressure to the nerves.
The result is discomfort or pain and intermittent function of the nervous system. This can cause reduced movement in gait, muscle tone and performance.  Adjusting a misaligned joint is carried out by very quick and precise movement of the hands on a specific position.
The surrounding muscles and ligaments absorb the energy created from the rapid movement; this releases the joint enabling full range of movement to be restored and alleviating any undue pressure on the nervous system.
Misalignments can be caused by many events, traumatic incidents such as a fall in a competition, becoming cast in a stable, slipping on smooth roads, and boisterous play in the fields. Over a longer period of time misalignments are caused by compensating for underlying weakness, orthopaedic conditions, breed predispositions, conformational weakness, and rider imbalance.
See the sections on treatment of horses and dogs for more information.

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